Pre-engineered system
The Modular Housing System from Unique Structural Systems is a pre-engineered system using a variety of aluminum extrusions for post and beam framing connected by a patented, concealed bolt-and-clamp component. MHS building system is a new construction methodology and can be used for design and construction of prefabricated modular home, custom single family homes, affordable mass housing, light commercial building, schools, modular rooms as well as multifamily units.

MHS Structural Components
Is equivalent to the conventional post & beam design where the structural lumber or I beam steel is replaced with MHSTM Aluminum posts and beams. MHS Aluminum Framing™ System features an interlocking bolting system, modular grid-type construction built on a 4-foot center. Aluminum column Post & Beam members bolt together, while integrating with infill insulated panels for walls, roofs, and floors.

Pre-engineered MHS Aluminum Framing™ post and beam could be supported with MHS tested shear wall and diaphragms. Almost any architectural design can be built with this brand new method of construction and its prefabricated components.
The MHS Aluminum Post and Beam Framing can remain exposed to the interior and exterior of the building or covered with any enclosure building systems.

MHS Aluminum Framing
Structures exhibit a strength and modernist aesthetic quality thats not found in any other conventional framed houses. MHS Aluminum Framing™ is extruded by ASTM standards, precut, and fabricated at the factory. The structural members and accessories are then sent to the construction site based on the project shop drawings and assembly manual where they can be quickly assembled by a contractor's crew, without using heavy equipment.
A Home built with this method can be single-story, two-story, and even tri-level with shear walls. Unlike conventional wood stick framed homes that requires interior walls to support the roof, MHS Aluminum Framing™ home allows for modular span, open walls with less material and saves alot of space. No dead space is found in MHS homes. The result is modern floor layout and interior design flexibility. Unlike wood, MHS Aluminum Framing™ won't shrink, rot, warp, buckle, split, or be attacked by insects.

This eco friendly system also saves a lot of trees. MHS homes result in Greater durability, sustainable design, and higher energy efficiency with life time quality